Bamboo offers a reusable alternative to cotton wool

Our new product - make-up pads are soft, absorbant and best of all, can be washed and reused many, many times, for a plastic-free, zero waste alternative to regular cotton wool make-up remover pads, that usually end up in landfill. 

How to use the bamboo make-up remover pads

Simply use bamboo make-up remover pads as you would cotton wool pads. These pads are soft enough to use on the delicate areas on your face such as eyelids, safe and gentle for use on your baby, and strong enough to use for nail varnish remover (keep one separate from the others and clean separate.

Bamboo textiles are made from bamboo fibre and is used to make all manner of clothing from underwear to dresses, skirts and trousers. 

The pros of bamboo textile

  1. Low water use
  2. Fast growing
  3. Grows on poor soil
  4. Quicker to harvest 
  5. Light and easy to transport
  6. Can be made from the leftovers from other use of bamboo, a waste product. 

How to clean the bamboo make-up pads

Bamboo make-up pads are so easy to clean,as with reusing any product, it begins with getting into a routine. We've been using cotton wool make-up remover pads for years, it is automatic to use them and throw them in the bin. 

Simply place the make up remover pads into the little baggy and put in the washing machine or washed by hand, a job that can be done in the sink or the shower. Hung up to dry ready to be used again - they hardly take up any room so the cleaning costs are negligable.

Regular cotton wool balls or pads which come wrapped in plastic and are transported for miles, only to be thrown away after one could compost them 

The make up removal pads are very effective, absorbant, soft and come in a handy pack of 15. 

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