Eco-friendly air fresheners - bamboo charcoal

What does it take to make a room smell fresh? 

Air flow can help, adding a scent and neutralising bad odours can all help to freshen a room. 

We realised that a lot of air fresheners actually use products that aren't particularly good for the environment or people. We found that bamboo charcoal actually does a good job at keeping bad odours at bay, but why? 

What is wrong with most air fresheners? 

Whether they are plugin or standalone, battery operated automatic or sensor air fresheners that release bursts of fragrance when someone walks by, they all feature a lot of plastic, although some are refillable there is an undercurrent of single use /disposable parts.

What is in air freshener fragrance? 

Essential oils are used extensively, their intense scents and low water content mean that a little goes a long way, but some of the added extras are not great and can be downright toxic to pets and people. 

The number one chemical which appears a lot is limonene. This is a natural product but it does feature a lot in many household products and has been linked to allergies and is bad for dogs.  

Some air fresheners use a gel, or a liquid as the medium for the fragrance, these in themselves have a negative effect on the environment.

So it's probably quite clear why we want to avoid mainstream but what is is about charcoal that can purify the air, and why is bamboo charcoal so very effective an air freshener? 

natural bamboo charcoal air fresheners

Bamboo Charcoal 

Bamboo is amazing, it grows with very little water and grows fast, the cellular structure is such that there are many miniscule holes, this gives it a larger surface area than a piece of wood of the same size. 


Made by burning charcoal so that the structure remains but none of the living tissue. The gaps in the charcoal are very small but numerous, so the surface area is increased. 


The charcoal is called activated because it is superheated.

Activated charcoal is exceptionally good at purifying/filtering, drawing out bad smells and compounds from the air by attracting them. 

It lasts a long time and does a great job at removing bad smells from a room quickly. 

Great for use in a fridge, although the moisture content will reduce it's longevity more quickly. Activated charcoal is found in the fridge fresheners, where the access to the charcoal is restricted, so increasing it's effective lifespan. 

Can you eat activated charcoal? 

Opinion is divided, the advice seems to be it's ok in small amounts - so that charcoco cream in modern restaurants is probably safe but it is probably a good idea to err on the side of caution and not eat it. However, in a small eco-friendly baggy on the mantlepiece is actually quite a good place for it. 

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