Bamboo alternatives to plastic make hotels more eco-friendly

UK hotels clock up over a whopping 200,000 tonnes of non-food waste per year. The pressure is on to get the hospitality sector have less negative impact on the environment, upping the recycling, making items re-useable and a big reduction in waste of all kinds. 

The hospitality industry is waking up to a new demand from hotel guests and diners. Hotels and restaurants are big on waste, it has always been a part of the extravagance, but things are changing.

One major hotel group has totally re-addressed it's approach, from re-using water to refillable shower and shampoos, solar power, composting food waste and encouraging the guests to make a little effort to reap big rewards. 

Environmentally friendly hotel items

Part of the problem is the sheer amount of single use items, if plastic is replaced with something that can be reused - by increasing the useage, you've already lessened the waste. 

One hospitality suppliers in the UK now offers biodegradable shower caps, bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as larger dental kits, bamboo coffee cups and bamboo tea trays. 

bamboo toothbrushes in a hotel


In any sector, it's not usually the service providors who instigate change, we, the consumers have a lot of power, thankfully more people are becoming aware of the side effects of those cute little shampoo and shower gel bottles - all that plastic just for one shower.

People power

By choosing establishments that are reducing their environmental impact, we can change the way hotels and B&Bs 

Bamboo products in hotels

The extensive use of bamboo is down to it's versatility and durability. Bamboo is such a strong material without being processed - the tough cellular structure means toothbrushes and straws can be rused many times before heading for the composter. 

Less plastic! 

The range of bamboo products available to hotel guests extends from clothes hangers to pens, razors, combs, cups and clothes brushes, with more plastic items being increasingly replaced with bamboo alternatives.

Less petroleum based polyester 

Bamboo can also be used to make fabrics for a natural, lower environmental impact than petroleum based polyesters. Soft, snug materials are used to make slippers, towels and laundry bags - bamboo has an amazing bonus in that it is naturally anti-bacterial, perfect for socks and slippers. 

More absorbant than cotton

Cotton is great, but bamboo material can take in three times it's weight in water making it a fantastic material for towels and bathrobes, as it is 40% more absorbant than cotton. Undyed is a more eco-friendly product, the dyeing process is a heavy polluter all around the world. If colour is a must, there are plants used for a natural, environmentally sound colouring process that look beautiful. 

With all these little replacements, changing the way we experience hotels and making them far less wasteful but there is still a long way to go.

Demand eco-friendly accommodation!

As consumers we need to vote with our cash, only visit hotels, B&Bs, restaurants where the proprietors are trying to reduce their waste, from food to serviettes. Where they are actively replacing plastic items with sustainable, low impact materials such as bamboo.

As consumers we can take responsiblity in turning off lights, turning down the thermostat and recycling more, baby steps that can be taken at home or on holiday, but our planet needs so much less pollution and waste, but we can do this with just a little thought and care. 

When booking your next stay, opt for hotels that are choosing bamboo alternatives to single use plastic, and making more effort all round to reduce waste.