How to clean your bamboo utensils


Look after your bamboo cutlery and other re-usable products to really get the most out of them. Bamboo is a natural product and has to be cleaned to ensure good hygiene, and dried properly to make it last. 

Bamboo is a natural alternative to plastic

Bamboo is a grass native to Asia. Used extensively in many applications due to it's water repelling properties and strength. It's light and extremely fast growing so offers a viable alternative to many plastic products. 

Cleaning bamboo

Once used it is best to clean the items as soon after use as possible. 

Use hot soapy water, rinse well and air dry - that's it. The last part is important, being a natural product, any moisture left in the utensil could cause mould if not kept in a ventilated place so ensue you leave it somewhere to air dry completely before storing and your bamboo products will last a long time.

Cleaning bamboo straws

When making bamboo straws the grass is cut and trimmed to size, that's pretty much it - so the hole down the middle is naturally formed. This does mean that the size varies.

Our cutlery set and drinking straw set contain a special straw brush. Like a bottle cleaning brush but much thinner. This means that whatever the size of the hole, you can give the inside of your straw a really good clean. 

Just leave the straws to dry thoroughly before storing.