Making the change to bamboo

So you've started swapping single use plastic for re-useables, bought your new bamboo cotton buds and toothbrushes, re-using a nice canvas tote bag for your shopping in rather than accumulating more plastic bags - Fantastic efforts indeed. 

Single-use plastic in landfill

But what do you do with your old plastic toothbrush? Your spray bottles and shampoo and conditioner containers? Crisp packets? None of which can be put in the recycling bin and are not biodegrable like bamboo. Unless they are refilled with homemade items, they end up in landfill. 

Recycling non-recyclables

Well the good news is that you don't have to put them in the bin! Weirdly, charities can make some cash out of them - remember how people used to save the lids of the milk cartons, the red, green or blue caps? Those 'non-recyclable' plastics were collected for charity and these days there are even more items on the list. 

As with eco-friendly alternatives like bamboo and other plant-based alternatives to plastic household items, theTerracycle scheme is great news for the environment, not only does it provide an opportunity for reducing landfill but the terracycle bins are great way of raising awareness too. 

So whilst you are moving over to eco-friendly bamboo, and reducing the amount of plastic you buy, click here to visit the Terracycle website and do some good for the environment and local charities.