New eco-friendly products

We have added bamboo toothbrushes and a natural alternative to washing up sponges to our re-useable environmentally friendly product range.

Bamboo toothbrushes

Long-awaited, our newest product offers a great value and quality alternative to plastic toothbrushes. All the quality in look and feel that you expect from World of Bamboo - beautiful toothbrushes you could happily give as a gift to a friend or familiiy member who wants to reduce their plastic useage.

Comfortable and strong, our bamboo toothbrushes are also vegan - they do have nylon bristles to thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, rather than pig bristles.

Amazing value in a four pack for just under £10, they will last you a long time. great for stocking fillers or extra pressies for birthdays as they come individually boxed. 

Follow this link to view and purchase the bamboo toothbrushes.

Plastic free washing up sponges

We had to include these amazing, plant alternatives to plastic sponges and scourers combined. Not made from bamboo, the Loofah is grown on a plant closely related to the courgette and pumpkin. The fruit of the plant can be eaten when young or left on the plant it develops a very coarse fibrous texture when mature.

Loofahs need a long growing season, and require extra time to be thoroughly dried. This makes them a bit tricky to grow in the UK. 

When mature, the fruit is dried out, removing the flesh and leaving the abrasive skeleton, perfect for washing bodies or pans. 

Our loofahs come in a 6-pack and, as with all our zero-waste products, they come in a biodegradable packaging. Reducing the amount of plastic to zero. 

Biodegradable and totally safe, effective dish cleaning even for non-stick surfaces. 

To keep your loofah washing up sponges in top condition, after use clean off any food particles, rinse and leave to air dry. It is recommended that  the washing up sponge is replaced after three weeks - you can add it to your food waste bin or compost it yourself.  

Click here to view and purchase our Loofah washing up sponges.