Top 5 Eco friendly Gift ideas

It's finally December and the big day is nearly here!
Love it or hate it, every year it seems the shops are filled even more with brightly coloured plastic items that will end up in landfill, wrapping paper which can't go in the recycling bin and all the other plastic packaging.
Thankfully more people are making a stand against the vast quantities of waste produced at Christmas and becoming conscientious shoppers.
We have some great gift ideas to please, educate and cause minimal impact to the environment.
  bamboo cutlery set

Bamboo cutlery set

Lightweight, biodegradable, and re-usable, comes with a very handy straw cleaner. Perfect for the nature lover in your life, campers, hikers, cyclists and people who picnic. 
Fits in a rucksack, handbag or picnic hamper, anyone who eats away from home will find this useful - also includes lunch out of the office. The bamboo cutlery set opens up your healthy lunch options with the right tools to prepare and consume. 
Baby spoon set for Christmas gift

Baby spoon set

Not just for Christmas, this set makes a wonderful gift for a new family. Light and easy to stow in a baby bag, the spoon set is very useful when out and about or at home.Many uses and easy to care for - the silicone tops are soft and gentle on the baby's gums.
bamboo safety razor gift idea

Safety razor

Perfect gift for him or her, re-useable and made from Bamboo. Very beautiful with the natural bamboo pattern, the razor is weighty and very tactile. Give this very stylish gift as an encouragement to ditch the plastic razors. Fantastically easy to wrap too and a great price, will go superbly with an all natural shaving set or handmade shaving bar.
undyed canvas shopping bag

A canvas bag

Made from cotton so strong, re-useable and biodegradable. A shopping bag is something used by most of us and there are some wonderful designs using natural dyes.

Chemical dyes are causing devastation to water ways around the world. The harsh chemicals kill wildlife and their environments. 
The natural dyes made from vegetables and plants offer a kinder, more gentle environmental impact and are also healthier to have against your skin.
Plastic free shampoo - great gift idea

Plastic free shampoo!

All those bottles going into the recycling when we can just not use them full stop. Shampoo bars specially formulated for hair types or general hair, face and body bars so there is minimal clutter, minimum waste and maximum freshness. Choose bars made from all natural products such as vegetable oils, essential oils and plant extracts. 

It's a (plastic free) wrap!

Finally, don't forget the Earth-friendly wrapping paper, brown paper can also look stunning when paired with naturally dyed, handmade twine, recycled ribbons and handmade gift tags.