Wholesale bamboo products

Local eco-friendly shops do a great job supplying bamboo every-day items to their customers. Our most popular enquiries come from smaller shops such as zero waste stores, vegan shops and green grocers looking for wholesale plastic-free products.

Most popular wholesale products

Their most popular items are bamboo toothbrushes, make-up remover pads, bamboo cotton buds and dental floss.

These bamboo alternatives to plastic are so popular with their customers because they are necessary items that need replacing every few months. You can't buy them in high street shops or even big supermarkets, we know, we've tried! 

The wonderful eco-friendly shops

It's the local, environmentally friendly shops that come to our rescue. Situated in every town and some smaller villages (there was even a fantastic vegan/green shop on the Isle of Skye, in a little town called Dunvegan. Tucked away these little shops do well because there is a demand for ethical produce and products that the big supermarkets don't deem economically viable to stock. 

Zero waste shops

Zero waste shops are becoming ever more popular, some have been around for many years - The Better Food Company in Bristol, a great place to get all your ethically produced homewares and cleaning products for over 25 years.

Norwich has seen a big increase in the number of eco-friendly shops, a fab, compact shop called Ernie's Zero Waste is doing a great job of selling lots of staples at really good prices, from lentils to roasted broadbeans, refillable hair products to toothpaste tabs. 

Plastic free shops

A lot of these shops were the first places to be as plastic-free as possible, you can take your own containers and refill to reduce the amount of waste and to save a pretty penny too. 

Where can you buy a bamboo toothbrush on the high street? 

Bamboo toothbrushes are nigh on impossible to source from any high street, buying online is a great way to get hold of hard to reach bamboo items and at great prices but our ethical shops are convenient whilst you are out shopping and are invariably run by families, to provide environmentally sound items to their communities. 

Not just wholesale, big packs too

We cater wholesale for ethical shops all over the UK, we also bring great prices to our online customers, bumper packs of bamboo toothbrushes, and triple packs of bamboo cotton buds  - super savings for online buyers, these are really good value. 

Looking for wholesale bamboo cotton buds and more?

If you run an ethical store, get in contact for more information on our wholesale bamboo products by clicking here