Why we really, really love bamboo

The popularity of our products shows us we're not alone, we love that we can ditch plastic items for bamboo alternatives - from cotton buds to another of our most popular products - the bamboo toothbrush. 

We love that bamboo grows so fast without the massive use of water that cotton requires. We love that it can be composted or used as kindling rather than languishing in landfills for many years. 

Bamboo "forests" have now been shown to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than even trees, up to 6 times the amount. This is not new news but it has been reaffirmed. 

With a bigger demand for all things bamboo, we can be hopeful that this will lead to an increase in bamboo farms all over the world. By manufacturing bamboo products closer to home we can reduce the petrol miles transporting eco-friendly items by choosing bamboo.

Bamboo toothbrushes can lock away CO2

Not only that, but the key to a good carbon sink is not releasing it back into the air in the form of CO2. When you farm wood for firewood, the burning of it releases it back into the atmosphere. So using a bamboo toothbrush for kindling will also do this, however, if you compost your bamboo toothbrush or bamboo cotton buds - the carbon is taken into the soil. This is good as it locks it away!

An excellent motivation for setting up a compost bin in your garden, if you have the space. Or you could just stick your old bamboo toothbrush in the soil and let it do it's thing. 

Bamboo Barbie

Bamboo BBQ briquettes are a great alternative to regular charcoal, less smoke, burn hotter, longer and are effectively made from a waste product, Bamboo sawdust. So if you can compost it then amazing, but if you want to have a BBQ - it's better to use bamboo - the density of bamboo and the speed at which it grows compared to trees makes it truly sustainable charcoal. 

Air purifier

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers are a great way to keep your house nice and

fresh inside, but bamboo is also being planted in arid areas where poor air quality is a problem. Not just absorbing the CO2, it can act like a filter and keep dirt particles trapped. Helping asthma sufferers who can struggle with the particulate in the air. 



So whether you burn it, bury it or compost it - bamboo constantly provides an amazing way of being kinder to the environment!