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Bamboo Baby Feeding Spoons Set

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Natural Bamboo Weaning Spoon Set

These 100% Organic Wooden Bamboo baby spoons are specially designed for first time solid eaters. The natural weaning spoons are the ideal solution to encourage self-feeding, our spoons are made of organic bamboo with food grade silicone tips that are flexible, soft, friendly on the gums.

Protect Your Baby's Gums with the Silicone Tips

The soft BPA-Free silicone tips are much softer on the gums than the alternatives of metal or harder plastics, making these the ideal spoon for beginners.


The bamboo spoon set comes complete with 4 spoons in each set. Each spoon is individually coloured, making it easy for you to see which have been used.

The biodegradable wooden spoons also come complete with a wooden carry case making it simple for you keep these spoons with you wherever you are.