bamboo cutlery set including straw, straw cleaning brush and pouch
Bamboo cutlery stored in the roll up pouch
Natural pouch and eco-friendly cutlery set
Natural sage pouch with World of Bamboo logo
Rolled up bamboo cutlery pouch
Measurements of bamboo cutlery, straw and straw cleaning brush
Serrated edge on the bamboo knife

Bamboo Cutlery Eco Friendly Knife and Fork Travel Set

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This portable bamboo cutlery set in a case allows you functionality and style while protecting our planet.

Preserve our oceans and outdoors by cutting down on your single use plastic by using this reusable, eco-friendly lightweight, pocket dinner set. This sustainable flatware utensil set is perfect for use at a festival, at home, for travel and camping and is dishwasher safe.

Complete bamboo cutlery set

The set comes complete with a knife, fork, spoon and a specialist cleaning brush in order to keep the wooden eco tableware clean.

As much as we love sporks, a complete knife, fork and spoon set is fab. The pouch also comes with a bamboo straw and cleaner and there is more room to sneak in a set of 23cm chopsticks if you can't eat noodles without them! Great to keep all your cutlery together in the neutral sage pouch, secured with a popper. 

Bamboo is light and durable

At 87 grams the cutlery set is so light you won't even notice you are carrying your new wooden tableware utensils around in your stylish world of bamboo pouch! Giving you the perfect plastic-alternative, natural, stylish solution wherever you are, whether hiking or biking.

Perfect plastic free gift

A superb gift for anyone you know who wants to cut down their plastic footprint. Perfect for campers and picnic people - The pouch is also washable so you can be sure of hygiene. 

When it comes to the end of it's life, use it as kindling or put it in your compost bin - this really is a useful addition for anyone who uses cutlery when out and about.