Dental floss by World of Bamboo
Dental floss cardboard packaging
Dental floss is kept in a glass jar, not single use plastic

Biodegradable Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss

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Natural, vegan and 100% biodegradable dental floss

This environmentally friendly organic bamboo dental floss will ensure your teeth are clean and fresh while looking after the planet at the same time. With a great fresh mint flavour, this is the best dental floss around.

Look after your teeth and our planet

The World of Bamboo Charcoal Dental Floss is made from 100% natural bamboo and is fully biodegradable so it will not harm our oceans. Once you have tried the environmentally friendly dental floss you will never go back to the regular stuff which is comes in plastic packaging.

Convenient and tidy dental floss

Preserve our oceans and outdoors by cutting down on your usage of single use plastic by using this reusable biodegradable dental floss. All packaging is also eco-friendly and recyclable with a glass container and a craft wooden box.