Bamboo cotton buds - 200 per pack
Bamboo cotton buds in eco friendly packaging
100% biodegradable cotton buds
Cotton buds but without the plastic
Soft and strong, very durable bamboo cotton buds
Simple cardboard packaging, reducing more waste with the eco-friendly bamboo cotton buds
World of Bamboo cotton buds
Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Buds

Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Buds

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These biodegradable eco-friendly cotton buds are a great example of how little changes can make a big difference. The tiny plastic straws used in regular cotton buds are used once and discarded. They end up in landfill or worse still, floating around in the oceans.

Many uses for cotton buds

Cotton buds are great for cleaning in little gaps such as computer keyboards, for tidying up makeup mistakes and cleaning ears. 

The bamboo cotton buds, or swabs sticks, are the best choice for anyone looking to reduce their single-use plastic usage.

Reliable and durable cotton buds

The eco-friendly recyclable paper stem cottons have been made with strong degradable material - bamboo - they are really tough and will not snap easily when using, so you can be confident when using them. 

Choose from either a 1 pack containing 200 hundred or a 3 pack containing 600. Each pack comes with 200 recyclable, environmentally friendly cottonbuds that have been made with natural, biodegradable sustainable materials.