Why bamboo?

Our love of plastic for convenient packaging and for providing cheap alternatives to wood, stone and metal has reached a pinnacle. Single use plastic is so common place, where recyclable and compostable used to be the norm. 

Plastic for profits

It does help retailers keep produce clean and protected, raising profits, but at what cost to our planet?  

Pictures of the amount of waste we produce as a species is shocking. We are literally choking rivers and littering beaches. Sealife is suffering and the landfills are filling up with single use plastic.  

Scientists warn we are rapidly approaching an extinction event.and unless we do something, we will be in trouble.  

Plastic-free alternatives

There are quite a lot of alternatives to plastic including metal, paper, banana leaves, wheat and rice. All offer biodegradable or recyclable solutions to plastic.

We like bamboo, a lot. 

beautiful bamboo

How does bamboo help the environment?

strong bamboo scaffolding in AsiaBamboo really is a great solution in the fight against plastic. The items are a pleasure to use and offer a great way to reduce your impact on the world, one cotton bud at a time. 

Bamboo products are re-usable, compostable/biodegradable, strong, cleanable and lightweight.

Used in Asia for centuries, we are now seeing the many applications of bamboo and how it might just help us to give up plastic and still enjoy our comfort and convenience.  Image: bamboo scaffolding is still used in Asia

Bamboo is:

bamboo and it's many uses
  • Fast growing
  • Doesn't need a lot of water
  • Lightweight
  • Multipurpose
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Outputs a lot of oxygen
  • It's prolific
  • Doesn't need pesticides
  • Doesn't need fertiliser
  • Strong and durable - it can have a higher tensile stress than steel, and the compressive, bending and shearing strength of bamboo is roughly two to four times the value of most timber species
  • Can grow anywhere
  • It's lucky!


Just say no! To single-use plastic

Plastics pervade every part of our lives, giving it up is going to take some serious intention and what could be any better incentive than our planet's health?

One piece at a time

By tackling the issue one item at a time, we can seriously reduce the amount of plastic we use.
With this is mind, we are actively seeking out great new items, expanding the range so you can buy superb quality bamboo items and make more little changes that add up to a big difference. Our bamboo straws and cotton buds are the perfect examples of simple, everyday changes that can add up to positive results. 

So give our products a try, they make perfect gifts for friends and family, we love them all and are certain you will too.

Remember to "reduce, reuse, recycle" and if you can't do any of those, buy bamboo.

bamboo cotton buds - plastic free